Friday, March 27, 2015

Micro SD cards are used for many different things. These are some of the smallest memory cards available today and can be used in everything from your digital camera to your home computer. You can take a micro card and transfer the information to another device. For instance if there were pictures you took on your digital camera that you wanted transferred onto your computer you could use your card for this purpose. However there is another item you would need to purchase.

You may have received an adapter with your new micro sd card, or new gadget.  This leaves many people asking “What is a micro SD adapter for?”  Put simply, a micro SD adapter is what you would need if you wanted to take a your SD card and insert it into a device that only took standard sized memory cards. This is the case with most PCs – they only have standard SD slots. Most mobile phones have the micro cards simply because there is not enough room to fit a standard sized memory card in. There is no need for it anyway as most micro cards can serve the purpose and hold plenty of data.

With the right microsd adapter, you would simply take the card, insert it into the adapter, which is shaped just like a larger card, and then insert this into the slot in your computer or other device. A simple example of an SD card adapter is made by Kingston Technology Company. Other popular brands include Duracell and SanDisk.

There is also what is known as a micro SD card reader. This is a small device that allows you to take information from your memory card and transfer it to another device. One of these readers, typically in USB form, replaces the need for an adapter. Usually you will find these in package deals where you will receive a card reader along with your memory card and a hi-speed USB. This way you have everything you need to transfer your pictures and documents from your micro memory card.

Again, there are certain brands that stand out from the rest. The Kingston brand stands firmly behind micro memory card readers as well and is considered as one of the top picks. They offer a bundle so you can store your entire life on your micro memory card and know that you can transfer the information from it whenever you want to. It saves you the need for USB cables and all that other muss and fuss.

It is important to realize that although similar in certain ways, micro SD cards are not quite the same thing as Micro SDHC cards. While they use the same form, and technology from the same family, the SDHC is not necessarily backwards compatible. You can always check your devices tech specs to see if it’ll be compatible, or just buy one (they’re cheap) and give it a try. These cards are typically used in larger devices that need to store more memory, rather than in mobile phones and similar devices. Most SDHC cards offer a minimum capacity of 4GB.

You would want to use these cards with your MP3 player or camcorder. Although they offer more memory, they are not any less convenient. They are still extremely small in size, most being no larger than a postage stamp. They are the same exact size as the micro SD card.

There are also Micro SDXC cards. These are the latest and greatest memory cards to be released. They are thought to be the wave of the future, that everyone will be using them soon. Only as of lately have they hit the consumer market so the majority of consumers are still not even aware of what they are and what they have to offer. The main benefit they offer is that they increase the amount of storage from more than 32 GB up to 2 TB. That is astounding, especially in comparison to the memory cards of today, which seem quite measly to that.

These are the major types of memory cards available on the market today. It is extremely important to be aware of all the similarities and differences before trying to decide which to use for a specific purpose. Although they are all useful and powerful the new SDXC definitely top the list in terms of performance and are the ones to watch out for.


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